How is your order shipped

Due to high temperatures in some of the states and often being asked this question, we dedicated special time to explain how is your order shipped. 


We are a small factory and everything is made fresh weekly. We finalize the production on Friday and all orders are fulfilled on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We want to assure, you are getting your order before the weekend.


To make sure you get your order in a very good condition we use a custom made cardboard box, between 2 to 4 packs of ice and each chocolate box is  sealed in cold bags.


We mostly ship all orders via USPS and currently we have 2 shipping options available (1 day or 2 days shipping). This is to ensure the chocolates don`t spend to much time in transit, however 1 day delay can occur sometimes.

After delivery

After the notification has been sent to you that the order has been delivered, make sure you pick up the order and store the chocolates in the refrigerator.