We are pioneering a symbol of delicious yet nourishing indulgence created to support a healthy lifestyle—our focus is on bringing you a profound journey of well-being inside out and build a joyful natural world.

  • Fair Trade cacao & Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  • Enhancing the intentional value of chocolate using solely natural sweeteners
  • Made with love for everyone and in support for those with dietary restrictions



Made with clean ingredients, we are proud to be No.1 plant based artisan chocolate brand in San Diego



Our unique creations are handmade to delight and surprise in every way, from delectable gourmet mixed boxes to delicious gift baskets specially curated to satisfy a true sense of luxury.


''Amazing amazing amazing! I cannot recommend these little treats enough! They leave you feeling satisfated and healthy, but they are super delicious and taste just like a real sugary truffle. Both my sweet tooth and my sensitive stomach are perfectly happy!''

Averill Corkin

''Recently I tried a passion fruit cake! I was really amazing, the decor was just adorable (you can see on the pictures). The thing that I really loved about the company they customized a cake just for me, they paid attention to all the details and my preferences. It's wasn't what I expected it was so much more! It's super tasty, the flavor was so rich and fresh! Must try!''

Angela S.

''Amazing truffles, I can’t believe they are so healthy and delicious all at the same time! I had the snickers and the roses, the roses surprised me a lot actually, not overpowering and super smooth. Great customer service too. Definitely coming back for more!''

Deborah Mendes

''I am a chocolate lover and every where I go I need to try every chocolate I see. I had a chance to try all Raluca’s truffles and they are all amazing. Such a clean and pleasant texture in every bite. It’s hard to say which one is my favorite because all them are so ooo good! Thank you Raluca for making our lives sweet with no guilt ❤️🍫''

Violeta Courter

''I couldn’t be more obsessed with these truffles!!!! I love how they are vegan, gluten free, made with all natural sugar (only dates & maple syrup) & still taste AMAZING!!! 😍😍😍 My absolute favorites are the Pistachio, Snickers, & Passion Fruit!''

Melissa Diliberti

''By far the best truffles I had, very high quality ingredients that mix very well together for an amazing taste. Unlike other truffles, these aren't loaded with refined sugars, so overall it is a very balanced sweet and you can tell it is all natural sugar.''

A.R. Mously

''I absolutely love these truffles. Tried each one of them, and they all rock. It's amazing to have such healthy options available, that I feel good about sharing with my 4yo child. I also just went through pregnancy and was plagued with gestational diabetes, so it was a blessing to have a small snack like this available on a few occasions!''

Beatrice Baciu

''FIVE STARS EASY! These delicious Vegan soy-free and gluten-free treats are AMAZING! No refined sugar is a plus, too!! It's so difficult to find delicious high quality ingredient in specialty treats- I am so happy I chose to buy and try these truffles at the San Diego Little Italy Farmers Market! I bought a whole box so I can try all the different ones and I loved them all! My super favorite ones are snickers, raspberry, lavender, pumpkin, and the passion fruit. ''

Sherry Hayes

''Beautiful truffles! So rich and I was honestly so surprised that they were vegan and gluten free! Bryan was super friendly and will be definitely seeing me again. I'd rate 10/10 if I could :)''

Yolanda Yarborough

''Excellent chocolates. Filling is cake like. All vegan. Best vegan chocolate I have ever had. Lavender is bomb. Strawberry is dope and very reasonably priced.''

Daniel Perry

''Their truffles is so delicious!!! Being vegan and gluten-free can be really hard when trying to find delicious sweet treats, but I'm so happy I ran into this booth at the Little Italy Farmers Market!! Now my sweet is satisfied without compromising my health!!

Ana Lorenza